The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Armenia

What to bring home from Armenia?, what to present to Your friends as an Armenian souvenir? If You are a tourist in Armenia, I am sure, that this questions are always running through Your mind. Here are the best Souvenirs to Buy in Armenia

One can not imagine a trip without buying souvenirs, particulary, when he/she is a tourist in Armenia. Armenians are very much into art and craft and they are famous with their astounding talent and the ability of engaging with handicrafts and creating unique value of Armenian artifact. Amazingly, You can find stunning gifts in the center of Armenia, or in the most popular tourism destinations. For instance, Geghard monastery, pegan temple of Garni as well as in the world-famous Tatev monastery, or just find Your beautiful Armenia souvenir from our souvenir store

If  You are thinking about what to buy from Armenia, where to buy Armenian souvenirs from, what to present to a friend who is not familiar with the culture of Armenia we can help You make a choice. You can buy different kinds of wonderful souvenirs From Armenia. For example, handmade jewelry, magnets, T-shirts, silvers, wooden souvenirs, which are typical to Armenian culture.

1 . Armenian Silver jewelry

In Armenia silversmithing is a well-developed branch of craft. Contemporary Silver accessories are trendy and silvers with Armenian ornaments, can become a great combination of Your style. You can find precious necklaces, bracels rings, because In Armenia there is a lot of boutique and flea markets. The price starts from 8$.
Armenian Silver jewelry

2 . Armenian Handmades

There is a lot of handmade souvenirs stores and flea markets  In Armenia. You can walk around the city and admire with different types of miscellaneous handmade souvenirs. From Armenia You can buy many bijouteries. For example, necklaces, bracelets, rings and etc. made from beads, as well as You can buy a lot of beaded clothes, scarfs, tablecloths. You can take with You amazing souvenirs under 10$.
Armenian Handmades

3 . Armenian T-Shirts

Everyone likes to wear different. What about having Armenian beautiful symbols on Your T-shirt?

Choose nice T-shirts with such kinds of Armenian symbols, for example Armenian grenade, Mountain Ararat, Armenian flag (red, blue, orange), carpet details, Armenian alphabet or another beautiful ornaments on it.
Armenian T-Shirts

3 . Armenian Pottery souvenirs

Pottery is the ceramic material which makes up potterywares, of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. It is well-developed branch in Armenia, and there is a lot of stores where You can see the process of making pottery souvenir.

Armenian craftsmen make unique jars, plates, bijouterie from pottery. You can buy a lot of beautiful pottery souvenirs under 5$.
The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Armenia

5 . Armenian Paintings

If You want to accomplish Your interior decoration, you canfind Your wonderful paintings from Armenia. Armenia is the moon of a lot of famous painters, one of which is, Hovhannes Ayvazovsky, Arshil Gorkiy, Martiros Saryan and etc. In order to admire with their paintings You can visit to National gallery of Armenian or another famous museums, as well as there is a lot of stores and flea Market where You can find modern paintings of Armenian young painters under 50$.
Armenian Paintings

6 . Armenian Wooden souvenirs

Armenian woodmasters deal with different types of souvenir making process. Visit Armenia, if You want to buy tiny wooden necklaces, cross stones (Armenian khachkar), or table games, for example “Nardi” which is one of the common games in Armenia.

Armenian Wooden Souvenirs

7 . Carpets and rugs

What is Armenian carpet?Traditionally, since ancient times the carpets were used in Armenia to cover floors, decorate interior walls, sofas, chairs, beds and tables. Armenian carpets and rugs are amazing because Armenians use unique technique,It also includes a number of flat woven textiles. In Armenia there is a lot of special stores and fabrics where You can buy carpets from and create a beautiful home interior with them.

Armenian Carpets and rugs

If You are a Tourist in Armenia, or interested in buying Armenian Souvenirs, You need to explore the market, become familiar with the Armenian culture and symbols or just find Souvenirs shops in Armenia and they will suggest the ones You really need.

Our list of the most popular Armenian souvenirs will help You find the right gift for You and Your friends.

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