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Armenia – land of churches, mountains and sun!

To all tourists, who are interested in old culture and historical sites, are highly recommended to visit Armenia at least once in their lives.This country is often called a museum in the open air not in vain: Even for a few days, you
have the opportunity to see so many monuments of antiquity and visit so many unique places that you will undoubtedly have sufficient impressions for the rest of your life! And Armenian cuisine and famous Armenian hospitality will make you come back again and again. 
Trip to Armenia usually starts with the capital city of country – Yerevan. Since the pink tuff is the most popular material here, which is used in construction, Yerevan was named the “pink city”.However, it is known not only for its singular “coloring”: it is one of the oldest cities in the whole world (the age of Yerevan is 2799 years!).

capital city of armenia yerevan

For tourists, the historical sights of Armenia are primarily associated with  Matenadaran – a museum of ancient manuscripts and the largest repository of ancient manuscripts (from the 5th to the 18th century) in the world! If you are planning to buy a tour to Armenia, be sure to find time for this place in Yerevan.

matenadaran yerevan armenia

Memorial connoisseurs are advised to visit Tsitsernakaberd (Genocide Memorial) a monument to the victims of genocide in 1915. Every year on the 24th of April hundreds of thousands of people honoring their memory gather at the eternal fire of the mausoleum. 

tsitsernakaberd-genocide memorial

In the capital of Armenia, you should surely see the Cascade. Walking tour allows you to see different sculptures, fountains, and figures at each level, and when you get to the top, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city against the background of the majestic Mount Ararat from above.

cascade yerevan armenia

On the Republic Square, you can visit the National Historical Museum. Our Russian-speaking guide in Armenia will help you understand all the variety of exhibits and arrange a fascinating excursion to the past. And in the warm season, you have the opportunity of being a witness to the wonderful spectacle – singing color music fountains on the square. Nearby there are many cafes and restaurants for every taste, where you can taste delicious food,try the famous Armenian Brandy or relax yourselves from day walks.

Armenian National Historical Museum

Cheap tours from our company also include a visit to the “Armenian Sea”: it is customary to call Lake Sevan. Here you can not only enjoy swimming and explore the surroundings (the monastery of Sevanavank, the famous seminary, etc.), but also try the culinary pride of this area: Sevan trout, especially in baked form, is one of the favorite dishes for Armenians. Traditional Armenian barbecue, which is known for its unsurpassed taste qualities, can also be ordered from different types of fish.

Our popular tours surely include visits to Garni and Gegard. Garni is a pagan temple and the summer residence of Armenian kings, construction of which was started in the 2nd century BC. From the temple, you can go down to a deep picturesque gorge with slopes that, because of their amazing beauty, seem artificial and are called “Symphony of Stones“. At the entrance, you can buy freshly baked Armenian lavash or national sweets.

garni temple

The tours organized by our company in Armenia are, in most cases, made in such a way that travelers visited to Gegard. If you are interested in ancient monasteries, then you necessarily need to see this place which is famous among tourists, whose history goes back to the 4th century. This complex is called a “cave monastery“, as some of the temples related to it are carved into the rocks.
Lovers of antiquity will appreciate and Khor Virap – a monastery, on the site of which for 13 years legendary Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned. However, this attraction is also known because it is located quite close to Mount Ararat: from here its picturesque peaks are clearly seen.

khor virap monastery
We, like other tour operators of Armenia, usually include the monastery complex Tatev in our programs, striking with the unique beauty of medieval churches and the fantastic nature. The longest cable car in the world – Wings of Tatev – leads to it, and it offers stunning views that are not available when traveling on conventional transport.
Our company offers you the perfect combination – both the best places in Armenia and the acceptable prices for all tours. After traveling with us, Armenia will forever remain in your hearts!

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